Discovery Consultation

Meet with the builder and discuss your dream home ideas. We call this the discovery phase where we will work with you to understand your dream and how we can help make it work within your budget. It is a collaborative process to bring your vision to life and we are here to help you along your journey.


We can build on land you own or help you find a lot. Ask us about available properties we may own.

Pre-approval & Budget

We discuss financing, pros/cons of traditional vs one-time close loans, monthly payments, taxes, interest rates, lender fees, closing costs and more. We are here to help you understand the full scope of building your dream home. Financing and budgets are a major component of our process.

Initial Agreement & Design

Our process begins with your budget in mind. We will work together to create a unique set of blueprints for you while incorporating your style. We discuss various design aspects both internally and externally to enhance overall functionality and flow of home while enhancing curb appeal to its fullest potential.

Funding & Construction

Congratulations! Your home is ready to be built! The builder will coordinate with lenders directly to ensure we stay on track throughout the construction of your home. Although we will have scheduled milestone meetings, we invite you to stop by your future home throughout the entire construction process. A home is a huge investment, we want you to feel completely comfortable and safe knowing your home is in good hands.

*Completion times can vary depending on material availability, size of home, and change requests throughout construction.